Rose colored glasses


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So, a friend made a valid observation in a comment thread. Based on what I was sharing, how I’ve been talking, he said that it looked like I was wearing rose colored glasses. He said it seemed like I was living in a glass house of non-reality. Others have pointed out that I seemed to have reached some kind of enlightenment. Basically it appeared that I was living in my own world and not seeing the world as it’s whole. This is a valid concern, if I were completely ignoring every bad thing in the world, in my life, then I would only be setting myself up for devastation when something bad happened that I could not ignore.


I do not ignore all the bad things that happen. Honestly we cannot truly appreciate good things without the bad. If everything was good we could not KNOW it was good, it would just be . Because of hard times, negative things, we can fully experience the good and positive things that happen in our lives and in the world around us.


What I have been doing, however, is not FOCUSING on them. I accept they happen. I learn what I can from them, and move on. I do not live in the negativity. I do not feel the need to share it with everyone around me. Doing so would only breed more negative, it would act like a homing beacon to bring more down upon me. It wouldn’t feel good. Why would I want that? Why does anyone want that?  


Instead, I focus on the good, the positive. Thinking this way opens the door for more positivity to come into my life. This feels great. I am choosing to focus on what I want out of life. Do I want to feel bad, be depressed or be angry? No. I want to feel good, be happy, and I want to see the beauty in this world. When I focus on this, I can appreciate the little things in life, the passing moments of joy, the beauty in everything around me. I am not taking anything for granted. 


Perspective at work


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Keeping in line with my Perspective theme for today, I would like to use my work for example. I am a hairstylist and today we were extremely non-stop busy. A couple of co-workers were complain non-stop about it. They were talking about how tired they were, how they were hungry, how “these people” wouldn’t give them a break, their backs hurt etc etc. So, on top of feeling the tiredness, the hunger, the back pain, they added stress and judgmental thoughts toward customers. They also vocalized it and dwelled  upon it which made it worse, and shared that negativity with other co-workers. 


Every time they wold complain, I would try to point out the positive about the situation. We were busy, so that means the shop was making money. The shop was making money so that means it is staying open and not closing anytime in the near future. The more customers we have, the more likely they are to come back, and increase business overall. Plus, in our industry, the busier we are, the more money we make. The more money we make..well its obvious all the good things that cause. 


So, while it was a tiny bit stressful, tiring, and perhaps a little painful, it is easy to see past all of that and to the good things that can come from it. This is just an easy example of how perspective can make a world of difference. I know I got off work feeling great and happy about my day. I feel accomplished and I look forward to another day just like it. Would I feel this way if I took the other route? I really doubt it.Image

Promote what you love


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Promote what you love instead of bashing what you hate. Think about it. Focusing on good things that we love feels better, builds stronger bonds to others. Who would you rather be around: someone with an angry face complaining about someone or something they hate, or a happier person talking about people, places, and things they love?

We are so quick to complain about other people, groups of people, places we’ve been, yet we rarely talk about things that make us feel good, make us happy. I scroll though my news feed on different social media networks and I see a lot of hatred status updates with complaints and memes making fun of someone. What does this say about us? Are we really filled with this type of hatred? It is so easy to “share” a status or a photo, but do we really need to share the negativity? Do we really want someone to see all the hateful things that we post? Yes, it may be a passing thought, but do we want to make a statement about it for the world to see?  Is that all we have going for ourselves?


I personally do not enjoy this backward thinking. It feels better to be positive. It feels better to share good things. We do not need to blame someone else, we do not need to put the attention on someone else’s wrong doing. Are we like grade school bullies who pick on others so no one will pay attention to our own faults? Yes, I may “dislike” something someone did, or an experience I had, but it does not need to be said, to be shared.  I would rather share a fun experience or talk about something great someone did.

There are a lot of tangents and aspects of this picture that it can be applied to, but in short, Promote what you love instead of bashing what you hate.



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So, today I am focused on perspective. How we choose to view things. How we choose to react to things. There is a lot of negativity in the world, there are a lot of negative things that happen. We learn a lot about ourselves by the way we choose to react to these things, by how we choose to view them. We can choose to declare it a “bad day” or a “bad week” and give ourselves the excuse to act negatively. Or we can choose to overcome the obstacles and keep a positive outlook. Which feels better? Which is better for those around us? I am choosing to view things in a better light, staying happy, and feeling great. Why would I go the other route? Notice I said CHOOSE 7 times already. Life is about choice. What do you choose?