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You Can Attempt Anything

I have been reading Felicia Day’s memoir “YOU’RE NEVER WEIRD ON THE INTERNET (almost)” and I came across this page. The mantra on that cup really hit home with me. “You can attempt anything.” It is such a simple sentence, yet it has such a profound meaning. She says to “Repeat that motivational cup sentence until it gets in your gut and doesn’t sound like something stupid on a Hallmark card, because it is the basis for anything that will make you happy in this world.” I paused reading and started doing that. At night I say it, in the morning I say it, and throughout the day I say it.  Go ahead and say it now a few times, out loud. Go on, I’ll wait.


Okay, after repeating it, it starts to get more meaning doesn’t it? So much in life is kept from us because we are afraid to try. We are afraid to make the attempt. We are afraid of failure. What if the attempt itself was the goal? You wouldn’t fail, as long as you made the attempt. It is like anything in life, take baby steps. Your ultimate goal may be to make a hit web series like Felicia’s was. Or, your ultimate goal may be to lose a bunch of weight, ask that cute guy out, become an actor, master a craft, or making the perfect baked alaska. All of those things can be overwhelming, scary, and intimidating. If your goal is to ATTEMPT it though? Not so scary. As long as you attempt it, then you have reached your goal.

Once you have made the attempt, one step is out of the way. From there you can create further goals, and make those goals to attempt the next step. Next thing you know, you just might have accomplished your ultimate goal. With each step, you will slowly be conquering your fear of failure. Finally, you can be proud of the fact that you tried. Yes, failure may still happen, but you tried. You won’t have that guilt, or that regret from not trying.

The unknown is the scariest thing in life, which is why so many people do not attempt so many things. We cannot know what will happen in the future. There are no guarantees in life. So, we tend to stick with what we know and accept that as our fate. I think that by  using the mantra “You can attempt anything”, it will help alleviate some of that fear.  The outcome and chance of failure is scary, the actual attempt is not.


So in short, You can attempt anything.