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There are people who are picky about photos that are taken of them. When you take their picture, they want to see it, approve of it, and if they don’t like it they want it deleted. They want their hair looking just right, their face angled just, their body positioned just right and other nonsense. Every photo, every documentation of their life, their face, their being, they want to be perfect. They do not want any evidence showing that they were ever anything but a perfect version of themselves. There are even some who refuse to be in a photo because they hate the way they look. 

People need to realize that later on in life, even after their life has passed, its those imperfect photos that would have meant the most. I look at pictures of my mother, and the silly ones of her in her nightgown curling her hair or some other silly photo means the most to me. When I see photos like that I can hear her laugh, hear her telling me not to take another photo. There is so much more personality in those photos. They are so real and so much more full of life than the ones taken at the “perfect” posed moment. There are no memories attached to the traditional posed photographs, except maybe remembering how annoying it was to hold that smile. 


I remember being a kid on photo day. We would dress up in our fancy clothes, try not to get dirty at recess, have to make sure our hair was combed right when it came time to take the photo. Those photos did not represent us. I can look back at those pictures, and yes, they may look good, but they don’t show how we were as kids. I never ran around in a plaid vest, I never kept my hair slicked just right (granted as a hairstylist now, I might). I was a kid, I put on comfy clothes, I didn’t care how my hair was, I didn’t if my face was dirty. The photos of me like that? Those are the ones that really show who I was.

I admit that I am guilty of wanting to have the right look in a photo, we all have a bit of vanity to us. However, we need to keep the other pictures as well. They capture us, our life. They can capture what everyone else saw on a daily basis. Our friends, our families, the people who we enjoy being around are not always perfect. It is the imperfect moments that matter most, that have the most character, that represents us. No one is perfect, and that is what makes everyone special and important. That is why we choose to have them in our lives, for those imperfections that make us smile.