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I believe that something good can come out of every single situation.


No matter how depressing, devastating, scary, scarring, painful, or horrific the situation, something good can be taken out of it. It may take some extremely deep thinking, it may take years, and it may mean admitting something we do not want to admit. Take something from your own personal life, something that you think could never have a benefit, or an iota of good to it. Examine what happened, how you felt, what happened afterwards. Did you learn a lesson? Did you learn something about yourself you never knew? Did you learn something about someone else? Did it help build you stronger? Did it bring people closer? Really examine every possible aspect.


I will use an example from my own life to show what I mean.


Three years ago my mother died. At age 25 I lost my mother who was only 55. She was my best friend. She was my rock, my support system, my inspiration, my entire world. After she died, my entire universe crumbled. It has taken me three long years to realize that even losing my mom, my best friend, did indeed cause some good. Losing her caused me to wake up. She was sick for a very long time, and while she was alive I built a mental wall around myself. I felt I had to be strong, had to be responsible, and frankly, I didn’t want to deal with emotions. So, when she passed away, while my universe was falling apart, so was that wall. I faced demons I had hidden away for a very long time, my heart opened up and I could feel. Good god could I feel. Pain, happiness, sorrow, and joy all came rushing in. I admit I went a little..lets say crazy for awhile. Once the aftermath settled down though, I did not put that wall back up. I was stronger, and I felt a change inside me, a change for the better. Also, to my great surprise, I became closer to my immediate family. Besides my mother, I was never really emotionally close to my father, nor my sister. This tragedy bonded us, we became close, we were there for each other. After losing her, and still to this day, I feel closer to them than I have ever felt before. It is a good thing. Yes, I wish these things could have happened without losing her, but I am so very grateful that I was able to learn these things.


Sometimes life lessons and lessons about ourselves can only come because of tragedy. It is a sad fact, but still, I think it is a valid one. Pain can give us the opportunity to examine things in ourselves, our life, our point of view. It is up to us to take advantage of these moments. We can choose to either ignore them, focus on the pain, the tragedy, close ourselves off, or we can choose to be strong, work through them, and take what we can from them.