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Enjoy the little things. 

How often have we heard this? How many memes are there about this? Are we just laughing at the picture of a cup of coffee with that saying on it? Lately I have seen this saying everywhere. Do we ever actually stop and think about it though? Do we look for the little things in life, and truly enjoy them? Do we let them make the impact in our lives, in our memories that they should, if we really enjoyed them? 

A little over a week ago, I decided to keep a “Good things Journal.” Not A journal listing every detail about my day, but only 1 good thing a day. I list only the good thing, no strings attached  no “despite BLANK, BLANK happened,” only the good thing.  I did this to keep things in perspective. At the end of each day, I simply write one good thing that happened. Some days it has been big fun moments like going to a baseball game, but some days it has been  something small, something little. 


Glancing through my Good Things Journal, I am reminded of all of the good things that have happened. Those little things are in ink. They are forever written down and cannot escape my memory. This has proven to not only end my day on a positive note, but has given me a chance to truly appreciate and enjoy the little things. They were big enough to write down, and I can revisit those moments and enjoy them again any time I wish.  If we were to ask different people what “little things” they enjoy, I am sure there would be a wide variety of answers. The fact that each of us have that little something that we individually enjoy, makes those things even more special and meaningful. 


I think it is more than that though. I think we need to examine the little things we take for granted. The things that don’t happen everyday and the things we see and just pass by without notice. I posted on my facebook the other day about watching this women coming into my salon. She got out of her car and headed for our door, but on the way she paused, she turned and looked at the newly blooming lavender flowers outside. She literally stopped to smell the flowers. It took just a moment, but she smiled afterwards then proceeded to come in and get her hair done. Those are the little things I am talking about. It isn’t something we go out of our way to seek out, to buy to enjoy, but the little things all around us that we would normally pass up because we are in a hurry. The look and the smell of those flowers put a smile on her face. When was the last time you have done something like that? I know it had been forever since I have taken the time to do so. Since that day though? I smell every flower I come across, I look into the sky to enjoy the beauty of it, I stand still and take in the feel of the soft breeze, the smell of the air after rain, the warmth of the sun. Those are the little things that I think can help make our day better.

So, in short, enjoy the little things.